IT Services

Smart Global Group is a complete IT service and support provider that offers solutions from cabling
infrastructure to managed helpdesk and enterprise level support. Smart Global Group in UAE in the year 2018 to cater for a gap in the market for a reliable, western educated and qualified IT service and support solution. Including home automation, cloud services IOT eco system/ infrastructure management and integration.

We provide comprehensive IT solutions to all business sizes, across all industries, as we firmly believe that IT is a requirement for all. Customers trust us to give them proactive IT support that allows our clients to focus on their core business while we keep the system working. We support them in their day-to-day technology requirements and keep their networks secure. When they lose data, we recover it. When technology stops working, we resolve it. When IT breaks, we fix it. In short, we provide the best IT support available!

We have an extensive background in design and consultancy for the complete technology spectrum, and having worked with leading Smart Governments, local- and multinational companies we have a proven successful track-record. Ensuring a stable and reliable network infrastructure for current as well as future technologies is key to a successful technology integration.

We have been expanding rapidly in last few years to now, including qualified consultants on ICT, Audio Visual, Security and ELV. Our consultants will follow the project from start to finish including the following phases completing the consultancy lifecycle.

 We are an early adopter of new technologies, we pride ourselves in implementing Innovative solution. A key ethos of Smart Global Group is to use Innovative Solutions in order to be able to recommend it to our clients. For Smart Global Group to evaluate any Innovative Solution, it must fulfill Two key parameters, One, it has to make a function or process faster and better, thereby increasing productivity. Two, it has to be stable and easy to use.